Stop Soil Erosion In Its Tracks

Add erosion control matting to your landscape in the Flowery Branch, GA area

Soil erosion occurs when the outside elements cause the soil on your property to shift. This serious issue can cause issues for everything from your growing plants to your home foundation. If you're dealing with soil erosion, you can stop it by turning to Pro Care Landscaping LLC.

Our team based in Flowery Branch, GA can:
• Perform erosion tests
• Install erosion control matting
• Set up retaining walls, ponds or other features
• Grade or level the soil on your property

To find out more about any of these options, reach out to our company right away. You can call 678-410-4578 or email us.

How does erosion control matting work?

How does erosion control matting work?

If you hire us to install erosion control matting, we'll use mats to reinforce soil while seeds germinate and plants grow. The mats are made of a variety of synthetic and natural materials, such as straw and coir. Over time, new plants will provide lasting stability to the area while the matting breaks down into the soil. Contact us now to explore options for your landscape.